Flattr teams up with a major broadband provider in Sweden

It's good to have friends who share your interests and passions. We've become good friends with Bredbandsbolaget, second largest internet service provider here in Sweden, that is part of global mobile giant Telenor. They, too, want to more great content on the web, and so we've teamed up to help the people who create it … Continue reading Flattr teams up with a major broadband provider in Sweden

Flattr Profile: Urban Sundström

Have you heard of Urban Sundström? Maybe you've seen him among the people who've flattred your things? Does urbansundstrom ring a bell? Maybe you've seen him on Twitter, when he's telling the world what he flattrs. Within the Swedish Flattr community he has become sort of a legend. Almost everyone knows of him, and a … Continue reading Flattr Profile: Urban Sundström

Hoola Bandoola Band-award

Last week we won something really amazing, probably the thing we're most proud of in our [although short] history! Yeah, we've won some of those "best startup"-awards before, and been seen as top innovative people, but the award we got last week is "Hoola Bandoola Band-priset" (the Hoola Bandoola Band-award), to someone who has worked … Continue reading Hoola Bandoola Band-award

Thank you Sweden and thank you VINNOVA

As we say in Sweden ... hipp, hipp, hurra! It was announced today that we've been awarded a grant by VINNOVA, the Swedish innovation agency whose goal is to increase the competitiveness of researchers and companies in Sweden. We are of course very delighted that Swedish innovation agency sees the potential in Flattr and the … Continue reading Thank you Sweden and thank you VINNOVA