The first Flattr QR experience by Snild Dolkow

We mentioned the pioneer Flattr QR experiment on the Malmö Festival before, and after the gig, here is the whole story and some advice straight from the artist, Snild Dolkow. The gig was amazing! There were a fair amount of people from the start, but the crowd grew over the hour. I even got to … Continue reading The first Flattr QR experience by Snild Dolkow

Weekly Review: Purely about Flattr

There were quite a few things happening around Flattr this week, so I'll give you a nice and short overview to be up to date with us. Quick Response I think Offline Flattr didn't get as much attention as it deserves before, but hopefully this initiative from Snild Dolkow will start something good here. I … Continue reading Weekly Review: Purely about Flattr

Short News: Malmö Festivalen

Malmö Festivalen is one of the biggest and most beloved festivals in Sweden. This year it'll take place from 19-26 August, and visitors can expect a great variety of music, programs and local food there. The entry is free, and there is one more good reason why we should be excited about this event. Snild … Continue reading Short News: Malmö Festivalen