Flattr Midsummer release – one time donations

Imagine your weekend, you are visiting your favorite pizza 🍕 shop like you always do, You get your favorite pepperoni or pineapple slices ready to take out. But before you go, you leave an extra big tip in the tip jar.  It’s a bigger tip than normal just because hey, you want your favorite pizza … Continue reading Flattr Midsummer release – one time donations

Happy Birthday Mattias

To celebrate our co-worker Mattias's birthday, which was last Sunday, we have released a new version of flattr.com. Todays release features: Enhanced privacy, including the option to  hide your things from listing on flattr.com. Things will now show images and video directly on flattr.com where applicable. Undiscovered things will now have their own stage (look … Continue reading Happy Birthday Mattias