#14 in Wired Magazine’s Big Ideas for 2011

It's been a nice week or so for awards and accolades, and even though this one's not yet online (print? what's print?) next time you're at your local bookstore or newspaper shop, take a look at the December issue of WiredUK magazine "Second Annual Big Ideas" issue.  Our little company and big idea is listed … Continue reading #14 in Wired Magazine’s Big Ideas for 2011

TechCrunch awards Flattr Best New Startup of 2010

Hurray!!! On Friday evening in London, we won the Best New Startup of the Year award from TechCrunch Europe at their annual awards competition The Europas.  We're truly honoured by the distinction and want to thank all of the votes cast for us  (out of 33,000 total), as well as the advisory panel and of … Continue reading TechCrunch awards Flattr Best New Startup of 2010

Flattr at Re:publica

Peter is in Germany at Re:publica promoting Flattr and the media is starting to notice. http://www.morgenpost.de/web-wissen/article1291708/Flattr-So-kann-jeder-im-Internet-Geld-verdienen.html http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/re-publica-Pirate-Bay-Gruender-will-Kuenstler-und-Netzaktive-entlohnen-978043.html http://www.handelsblatt.com/technologie/it-internet/flattr-pirate-bay-gruender-will-micropayment-revolutionieren;2562204 http://www.netzwelt.de/news/82448-flattr-fast-individuelle-kultur-flatrate.html http://elektronistamag.com/discover/hippie-vallet-to-battle-piracy/ http://www.zib21.com/netzzeit/umfrage-wurden-sie-so-einen-dienst-nutzen/ And a video interview: http://www.golem.de/1004/74495.html Video: Flattr - Interview mit Peter Sunde auf der republica 2010 (3:18)