FlattrFOSS: June 2011

In continuing our cross-publishing of the FlattrFOSS posts by RaphaĆ«l Hertzog, we now present this month's five flattrable free and open source software projects. The original post can be found here and in turn be flattred here. Psychosynth is a modular synthesizer framework. The interface might be a bit different than one usually thinks of … Continue reading FlattrFOSS: June 2011

FlattrFOSS: May 2011

As we mentioned the other week we'd be remixing/crossposting FlattrFOSS posts with flattrable FOSS applications. 5 recommendations each month. May will be the first one. The original post can be found here. Remuco lets you control your Linux Media Player remotely from your mobile phone, via Bluetooth or Wifi. It supports a wide range of … Continue reading FlattrFOSS: May 2011