Flattr went offline…at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire

The Brighton Mini Maker Faire took place in the Brighton Dome last Saturday, and as we promised we were there spreading Flattr QR codes. We wanted to make sure that the 50 makers* showing their creations knew how to use Flattr to get people to support them online and offline. Many makers were new to … Continue reading Flattr went offline…at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Short News: Malmö Festivalen

Malmö Festivalen is one of the biggest and most beloved festivals in Sweden. This year it'll take place from 19-26 August, and visitors can expect a great variety of music, programs and local food there. The entry is free, and there is one more good reason why we should be excited about this event. Snild … Continue reading Short News: Malmö Festivalen

SXSW Part 4 – The Buskers

As part of our SXSW amusement plan we asked several street artists to display Flattr QR banners instead of their normal tip jars. We found it a little risky, but our primary aim was not to fill the busker’s wallet straight away, but to develop some curiosity. It was successful; many people stopped to scan … Continue reading SXSW Part 4 – The Buskers

Once upon a time, Flattr went offline

Many times in your life you have to be quicker than everybody else. Philippe Bernard from France had a great idea about how to expand Flattr services, but he soon discovered he wasn't alone. He wanted the glory of creating the first offline Flattr app and related website, without knowing anything about Android or iPhone … Continue reading Once upon a time, Flattr went offline