FlattrFOSS: May 2011

As we mentioned the other week we'd be remixing/crossposting FlattrFOSS posts with flattrable FOSS applications. 5 recommendations each month. May will be the first one. The original post can be found here. Remuco lets you control your Linux Media Player remotely from your mobile phone, via Bluetooth or Wifi. It supports a wide range of … Continue reading FlattrFOSS: May 2011

Once upon a time, Flattr went offline

Many times in your life you have to be quicker than everybody else. Philippe Bernard from France had a great idea about how to expand Flattr services, but he soon discovered he wasn't alone. He wanted the glory of creating the first offline Flattr app and related website, without knowing anything about Android or iPhone … Continue reading Once upon a time, Flattr went offline