Flattr Affiliate Program: More Information

What is the affiliate program?

The affiliate program leverages Flattr’s network effect – creators can earn from each new contributors signed up on Flattr through them by simply spreading the word about Flattr and our mission. All a creator has to do is share their personal link found on their respective dashboards, earning $10 for each person they sign up.


Any tips to increase the number of affiliates I sign up?

Spread the love about Flattr and our mission. Mentioning the affiliate program on your social media accounts and encouraging fans to sign up for Flattr through your link are some possible ways to increase the number of affiliates you sign up.


Who can I contact for help about the affiliate program?

Drop us a message at hello@flattr.com


How do links work?

As a creator, you’ll have a personal link which you can find on your creator dashboard. All you have to do is share this link either on your social media accounts, directly to your fans or any other way you feel is best. When a potential affiliate clicks on your link and signs up for Flattr through the install Flattr button on your profile, you’ll earn $10 per successfully signed up affiliate.


What if a person clicks on my affiliate links but doesn’t sign up for Flattr through on my page?

That’s alright! Once a potential affiliate clicks your link, they’ll be tracked for a maximum of 24 hours when on the Flattr website. This way, if they check different pages on Flattr before signing up for Flattr directly on your profile or choosing to sign up for Flattr on another page, they’ll still be noted down in our system as your affiliate.


How much will I earn?

This amount varies per creator however the simple rule is you just have to multiply $10 to the number of affiliate you have, as seen on your affiliate counter.


What is the qualification process of signed up affiliates?

The new affiliate must sign up for Flattr. Once signed up, they must put a subscription of $10 per month where this subscription runs for 3 months without chargebacks or other monetary issues. These steps are in place to prevent any money laundering activities.


How do I set up my payment information?

There’s no need to additionally set up your payment information as you would have registered a payment on for your usual Flattr payouts.


I got an invoice email but I didn’t receive my payment

Drop a message to hello@flattr.com, we’ll sort it out and figure what’s going on.


What about VAT?

If you’re within the EU, we there is a 19% VAT which will be added onto your invoice. Don’t worry though, you’ll receive the full $10 per affiliate.


Is the affiliate program available for all countries?

Yes it is.


Can I choose which currency to get paid?

No as we only payout in US dollars.