How to be successful on Flattr

Welcome! We’re really pleased you’ve joined us as a creator.

We want to make sure that you have everything you need to get up and running on Flattr easily, so you can focus on creating. We made this quick guide to help you get started…


So you just signed up to Flattr, now what?

  1. Check that you’ve connected all the sites and social accounts you’d like to be flattred on your Flattr dashboard
  2. Make sure all your information is correct too
  3. Start telling your fans you’re on Flattr – read our top tips about this here
  4. Get rewarded 10$ for every person you recommend signs up to Flattr!
  5. Do what you do best: create great content and share it with your fans
  6. Join our newly launched Facebook community to meet other creators and share suggestions
  7. If you’re interested, learn how Flattr works behind the scenes in this blog post
  8. Give us feedback, or let us know if you need help by reaching out to our creator Community Manager: