How do I start getting flattrs?

Success on Flattr: how does it happen?

The more of your audience that have Flattr installed, the better results you’ll see. It’s up to you how you promote that you’re on Flattr to your audience, but we’ve included a short guide below, based on what we’ve seen work well for creators.

It’s incredibly easy for your audience to join Flattr, and it takes very little maintenance once they’ve signed up. Also as an added bonus, we’ll reward you $10 for every person that signs up from your recommendation (more on this in a second)

We’ve created a folder including our logo, a video about Flattr, and some other pieces of information that may be useful in case you want to share them. You can access everything here, but if you would like something custom, for example a banner image, then please let us know and we’d be happy to help.


Looking for some inspiration? We’ve seen these things work well for our creators:

  • Tweeting that you’re on Flattr, feel free to @ mention us so we can RT you
  • Mentioning that you’re on Flattr in one of your videos, whether it’s a dedicated video, or mentioning it as part of another video
  • Including Flattr on your ‘about’ page telling your audience that they can use Flattr to support your work – if you link to your Flattr page then you’ll get rewarded when people sign up from there (more on this here)
  • Including some information or a short footer about Flattr in a blog post reminding your fans that they can support you easily with Flattr
  • Including a Flattr image on your profile (we have some image options in this folder)
  • Sharing the Flattr videos that are available here
  • Mentioning that you’re on Flattr while streaming and telling viewers how to support you
  • Linking to Flattr on your GitHub page
  • Emailing your network to tell them how they can support your work


Sample copy for announcing you’re on Flattr:

I’ve got some news i’m excited to share with you – I just joined Flattr as a creator. Flattr is a new way for creators like me to get support for their work, from the people who enjoy my content the most. If you’re interested in learning more then watch this/read this:

Announcement: Excited to say that I’m now on @Flattr! Find out more about what this means here:

I just joined Flattr – find out why here:

If you appreciate my work then there’s a new way you can support it here:

I often get asked by my readers/viewers how they can support what I do, so here it is! I’m now on Flattr. Find out more here:


Sample copy for days after launch:

In case you missed it – I announced yesterday that I’m now using Flattr – a new way for creators like me to get support for their work. I’m really excited about this and share a little more about why I’ve joined Flattr here:



Free tools like Canva are great for creating images to share to support your announcement


If you’d like help with any of this then please reach out to our creator community manager, Laura (, who would be more than happy to answer any questions, or tell us about any resources, information, or assets you require.


Recommend Flattr, and get rewarded every time someone joins!

Spread the word about Flattr and get rewarded: for every person that you recommend, we give you $10 when they join Flattr. All you have to do is share the link to your creator page, and each time someone signs up from there you’ll get rewarded $10! Read more about how this works here. 



The Flattr ‘network effect’: Flattr has a network effect, which means that by being on Flattr you’ll be able to get paid by not only your own fan base, but also by Flattr users who are fans of other creators.