Flattr Partners with Asian Country [april fools]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Malmö/Pyongyang, 1 april 2011. FLATTR AB partners with DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA. Malmö - Flattr AB (FLATTR), the company behind the revolutionary website Flattr.com has partnered with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (NK). NK will from today use the revolutionary tools developed by FLATTR for financial distribution to handle their … Continue reading Flattr Partners with Asian Country [april fools]

Hoola Bandoola Band-award

Last week we won something really amazing, probably the thing we're most proud of in our [although short] history! Yeah, we've won some of those "best startup"-awards before, and been seen as top innovative people, but the award we got last week is "Hoola Bandoola Band-priset" (the Hoola Bandoola Band-award), to someone who has worked … Continue reading Hoola Bandoola Band-award