An update is many things.
An update is a piece of pie with every coffee…
An update is a piece of select advice on growing a plant…
An update is a thank you note…

We want to introduce you to one of our new Flattr experiments.

Introducing Flattr Updates
We are giving our entire community of creators a chance to express themselves to their full potential with Flattr Updates.

As a creator…
All creators can message their supporters with just a few clicks. 

You now have a direct communication channel to all your contributors. Share a story just for them, send them a thank you note, share your thoughts.

But most importantly let them in on any secrets or offers you might have.

If you own a coffee shop, tell your supporters about your buy one, get one free offer.
If you are a youtuber, get your supporters in on that secret little video that is coming soon.

As a contributor what can I do now?
As a contributor we have you covered as well. 

On top of donating to your favourite creator and businesses, contributors can now receive tailored flattr updates from their favorite accounts. As an acknowledgement we also offer you a micro-interaction in the form of a like for any update.

Take Flattr Updates for a spin.
The new Flattr Updates are solidifying the bridge between creators, businesses and their biggest fans. 

We are very proud of this update, take it for a spin…

❤️ Flattr

PS: our commission is still off for these months…