Imagine your weekend, you are visiting your favorite pizza 🍕 shop like you always do, You get your favorite pepperoni or pineapple slices ready to take out. But before you go, you leave an extra big tip in the tip jar. 

It’s a bigger tip than normal just because hey, you want your favorite pizza shop to survive these challenging times. 


So now imagine a tip jar powered by the internet…

With the Midsummer update, Flattr rounds up its payments lineup by adding the one time payments. 


So as a recap Flattr supporting options now look like this:


For all you diehard fans that want to be part of the premium club of creators and businesses supporters.

One time payments NEW! 

For all you who want to say a quick thank you, who want to leave a quick tip now before you decide on a subscription. 

Also a good way to  simply try out Flattr. 


In conclusion with the Midsummer update we are bringing Flattr even closer to creators and businesses alike with a variety of payment types and a broader audience. 



Midsummer 2020 release what’s new

  • ⚡️ Support on your terms with additional payment options – One time payments
  • 🐙 Under the hood changes for accounts – changed or fixed some of our supported APIs (ex: Twitch)
  • 🛠 Various bug fixes have been attended to


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