Say hello to the Flattr April release!

This update is all about coffee shops, restaurants and all of your favourite places in the world. 

Time to make Flattr friendlier for new types of users! We are extending our reach during these tough times by bringing the ability for local businesses to sign up with their Facebook pages and receive supporters.

Additionally, we are dropping our commission for a few more months. 

When you login you’ll discover we’ve redesigned some main sections so now, the onboarding process should now be simpler to navigate and the creator dashboard provides a better overview of donations.

How to get a coffee shop or creator online?

Ask your fave local business or creator if they want to experiment for a few months with Flattr.

  1. Ask them to sign up here, follow the 3 steps and fill out a profile
  2. Connect their Flattr account to the business Instagram/ Facebook/Twitter page (works like connecting any game or app)
  3. Promote their unique creator link on their social channels


Release notes for Flattr April release:

  • Dropping our commission for the next few months
  • Support for Facebook pages
  • Simplified onboarding to get your account setup faster
  • Simplified dashboard will give you a clear view on your donations & supporters