We have a new creator profile, built to make the process of making your creator profile as effortless as possible. When you connect your content, being it a YouTube channel or a domain we create your profile based on that. Your persona where you create your content, will be who you are on Flattr too. But you still have the ability to link all your content, multiple accounts, podcasts or domains so people can choose to support any of them. If you connect multiple you can pick one of them as your primary, to be put on top of your profile.

As always, tell us what you think in the comments!

2 thoughts on “New creator profile pages

  1. Nice!

    It would be great if Flattr could also pull the image from rel=”icon” (or og:image ) for websites and the profile image from Twitter. Currently most websites and all Twitter accounts on the profile page still show the placeholders.

  2. The thing is, we do. But many sites don’t use OG or have a proper icon that suits us. This strangely enough includes Twitter. But it’s a we know, and we do not want to accept the current state so we will do what we can to get around it :)

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