With the new recurring contributions in place we thought it was about time to highlight some of the things we ourselves in the team love and support with Flattr. Here are a few recommendations from some of the Flattr team members.
Why not leave your recommendations in the comments and we might add them to our contributions too.


Linus, Co-founder and Product manager
Wikipedia – The world’s most useful site and something that has to be on top of this list.
TechAltar – My current favorite “Talk about mobile phones and tech”- youtuber.
Burg – When I want to wind down I tend to turn on the trippy music videos from inside his studio.
GIMP – At the top my list of open source software, really gives Photoshop a run for their money.
Feminist Frequency – For their relentless fight against online harassment.

Leif, Co-founder and Lead developer
Json Generator – Indispensable tool when playing around with json.
Open Source Initiative – To promote and protect open source software and communities.
OpenSCAD – What drives my basement 3D printers.

Jon, Developer
Kyde and Eric – Travel vloggers that take the road less traveled more often than not. Very informative and entertaining in-depth travel channel. Lives in Japan.

Henrik, Developer
Minutephysics –  “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Gabriel, Frontend Developer
Can I use – As a frontend developer “Can I use” is an almost invaluable resource. Having such easy access to browser support and usage tables saves me many hours of research.

Fredrik, DevOps
Open street maps – Because everyone deserves to know where they are going. OSM creates maps that you can use anywhere and integrate with your apps and services.
Cory Doctorow – Journalist, blogger and author who write great fiction and fact. Copyright liberalist with a great feeling for the state of current affairs.
SFConservacy – Advocates and supports applications and libraries that are used by almost all software that you are using, free or otherwise.
OpenElec – Smoothly packaged Entertainment Center

Maciej, Publisher relations
TAZ – wouldn’t be myself if not place one of the german news publishers on the top of the list!
DuckDuckGo – privacy focused search engine, great alternative to Google search if you do not want to support monopolies.

Hope that helps you to find some nice things to give your love (and money to).

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