This is how you add a Flattr sponsorship button on Github. It’s really easy!

  1. Add your Github in the profile settings:
  2. Go to your repositories settings page. (The URL is like this
  3. Add your Flattr contribution link in the “Features” section of the repository settings page, it should be formatted as

This will add a sponsor link pointing to our new one page recurring Flattr contribution signup to your Github repo. Here is a button in action you can try, (mid top of page)

If you want to support some other nice open source projects we would recommend Gimp and GNU as a great start.

We have lots more of this coming, and as always questions goes in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Add a Flattr sponsor link on Github

  1. The Gimp and GNU pages mentioned in the article keep saying “Could not subscribe, try again later” when pressing the button.

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