We love podcasts. We love all the podcast apps. We love podcasts’ open distribution. And of course, we love all podcasters! Podcasts have historically been a love affair for Flattr. It was our biggest use case and had the largest growth. But technology shifts and listening moved from web to apps. A change that had us pondering for years how to make Flattr really great for podcasters again. Now we have!

Our new podcast contribution system is mobile-first and works regardless of what app or podcast service you use. Just like normal flattring, and unlike most contribution and payment services, the Flattr subscription can be shared among all podcasts you love. Rather than competition, Flattr podcast contributions promote cooperation and creation.

For Podcasters – Add your podcast to Flattr

  1. Go to Profile settings and scroll down to Podcasts
  2. Search for your podcast
  3. If you want to have a specific Flattr URL for it you can do that
  4. Follow the instructions and add the URL to your podcast description to verify it’s your podcast
  5. Tell your listeners to go to flattr.com/podcast/YOURPODCAST and start a subscription. Your URL is the one you choose above. It works on mobile and is super simple to start (it takes under a minute).

Yup that’s it, but it could be good to give your listeners some context, most importantly:

  • Flattr is a monthly subscription that is shared between all the podcasts you want 

And as always, if you have any questions drop a comment and we will help.

12 thoughts on “Podcast contributions

  1. Hi,
    awesome development. One question relevant for client integration: Is there an open API that allows podcast clients to sync the Flattr subscriptions with the podcasts actually subscribed to?
    That’d be a nice feature to only care about subscribing to podcasts in one place.

    Now the only thing still bothering me is the loss of SEPA tranfer and the higher fees, but you probably had your reasons for that move.

  2. Great! As a contributor, how do I see if a podcast is registered with Flattr? Is there a list of registered podcasts anywhere? Which podcasts are your launch partners?

  3. Thanks N! We are about to add info to the podcasts items to show if they are registered or not. Should be live very soon. We do not have any launch partners, at least not yet. We want to make sure things are smooth before we do that kind of thing.

  4. One more thing on the podcast directory sources:
    You obviously are currently using the iTunes podcast directory to list available podcasts. But please remember: iTunes is not all the podcasts there are.
    Right now the links go to each podcast’s iTunes page. I suggest linking to the podcast home page/ website instead, as that is much more useful.
    Additionally is there a way for podcasters not present in the iTunes directory to add their feed URL directly to Flattr?

  5. Trolli: True, but we have to start somewhere. We opted to go with the largest most common first. When it comes to linking we opted for the iTunes link because that is an official source that makes it possible to verify that it is the correct podcast. We don’t want people to be able to claim they are something they are not. The iTunes API does not provide any outside links either. But we should add a link to the users flattr Profile.

  6. Trolli: Actually it seems there is a standardised external link in the RSS feed of each podcast that we could use. We are gonna look into that and use it if possible.

  7. There’s one further suggestion I have:

    I’d like to have something like a factor for each podcast’s releases, to give them multiple Flattrs.

    This is especially important when using Flattr podcast together with the add-on. The add-on can assign multiple Flattrs to a page, depending on the interaction with it. In the same way, podcasts can have different lengths or different complexities, making only 1 Flattr per episode look a bit small.
    So I’d like the possibility of saying “this daily talk podcast with 5min length gets 1 Flattr per episode, while this monthly science podcast gets 3 Flattrs as it requires quite an effort in preparation”.

    What do you think?

  8. Thanks Trolli! Yes we have also thought about this. The simple answer is that the first iteration does not create a great use case if you are using both the extension and support podcasts, and when it comes to the difference between eg a short and long podcast episode. We are thinking and looking into some kind of solution that addresses these things, but what we do has not been decided. We tend to think it’s better to start somewhere and then get feedback and look on what issues occur for users and solve them, instead of trying to solve the problem to early. So thanks for helping us get that with your feedback!

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