When you add your podcast to Flattr it will get its own Flattr URL in the form of flattr.com/podcast/MYPODCAST. You can find yours in your profile settings.

This page is a mobile first, two step signup, that is the place where your listeners will start supporting you with Flattr. We recommend that you quickly explain what Flattr is:

  • If you like my podcast and want to help me make it even better you can support me with Flattr
  • Flattr is a paid subscription that you can use to support all your favorite podcasts
  • It works great on your mobile browser and it take about 30 seconds to set up
  • To support this podcast go to flattr.com/podcast/MYPODCAST and get started

If you want to be successful with Flattr the most important thing is to give your audience a reason to support you. For example, you could say:

I’m going to use your contribution to

  • Buy *insert equipment* because *reason*
      • Buy a second microphone so I can do interviews with two guests!
      • Get a new mixer as the old one has this annoying buzzing sound you might hear!
  • Visit *insert what* for an *activity* because *reason*
      • I want to go visit PERSON and talk to her about TOPIC
      • Go to PLACE and research TOPIC for a series about SUBJECT
  • Work a little less with my day to day job so I can do more podcasting
  • Buy beer and drink during the show ;)

If you do several podcasts, are part of podcast network or just love some other podcasters why not recommend your listeners to flattr them too.

  • As you can share your Flattr subscription between all your favourite podcasters why not also flattr XYZ, ZYZ and ZYX.

And it’s always a good idea to repeat the URL at the end and tell them to go there right now.

  • So just open your browser and go to flattr.com/podcast/MYPODCAST
  • I will continue the show in the background while you do it

You should also add your podcast link to the show notes of each episode so people can find it there,
as well as your web page, social media pages etc.

Remember to always explain why you want people to support you. Doing that makes a much bigger difference than you might think.

If you have any questions or just want to reach out, hit us up at flattr.com/contact