Our Flattr extension is great when you use your desktop browser. But what about all the rest? We’re talking about YouTube videos on your mobile and Podcasts in your favourite app. How can you support them with Flattr? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves frequently!

This is what we felt we Flattr needed to do:

  • Work perfectly on your mobile phone
  • Use the same Flattr subscription for all creators, not one per creator
  • Automatically distribute the subscription between creators
  • Fairly distribute money between creators so the money goes to the people creating

So we did just that! (bet you didn’t see that one coming!)

Even without using the extension, you will use the same subscription, but the flattrs are not made by the extension. Instead:

  • You choose the creators you want to support
  • All new content from these creators will be flattred

This gives you the control of who gets money, but without the need to manage how much each gets. It’s automatic, based on what they release.

New users
We have streamlined the process for new sign ups. A new contributor wants to start giving money to a specific creator as fast as possible. So we have minimized the sign up process. It’s clean, simple and takes less than one minute to do. Each creator gets their own URL for this.

Existing users
As an existing flattr user it’s just a single click to start contributing to a creator.

To start we have picked Youtube and Podcasts for this, with podcasts being the first fully featured to be fully featured. Read more about it in the Podcast contributions post.

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