What to do if there’s a creator you want to support, but they’re not yet on Flattr…

Having a Flattr account can make you feel pretty good. You’re helping make the internet a better place simply by rewarding the great creators that you enjoy as you use the internet.

Sometimes though, you’re going to see that some of your favorite creators aren’t signed up to Flattr, so they can’t enjoy these rewards. This is normal, as not everyone knows about Flattr yet, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t change that!

We are constantly in contact with creators from all over the web, inviting them to become part of the the Flattr community. We’re a small team, however, and it can take a while to reach everyone.

Here’s where you can help. You know great creators that we maybe haven’t heard of, and sometimes it’s nicer for a creator to hear from an actual fan, rather than a company they maybe haven’t heard of before.

With that in mind, if you want to let a creator know that they could be earning money with Flattr, here are some ideas. Of course, you can personalize these to make them “yours”! 

Send a nice email:

Subject line: “I love your work!” or “Your videos are amazing!”



I’m a massive fan of your work on (fill in cool blog, YouTube channel etc. here), and I really want to support you with real, actual money by using Flattr.

Basically, I pay a subscription to Flattr, and every 30 days the money in that subscription gets paid out to the sites and channels that I have enjoyed the most. It’s my way of giving back and keeping the internet awesome. I visit (and flattr) your site regularly, but because you’re not signed up to Flattr, my money doesn’t go to you, which is a shame :D

The good news is it’s super simple to sign up, and you will receive money not just from me, but from all your other fans that use Flattr as well. Sounds good, right?

You can sign up here: https://flattr.com/creators

Keep up the awesome work!


Send a tweet:

Hi! I’m a big fan of your work with (website, twitch, soundcloud etc)! I want to support you with real money using @Flattr. Why not sign up as a creator at https://flattr.com/creators





Finally, If there’s something else we can do to help you get your favorite creators on board, then just let us know (email laura@flattr.com). We’re always open to learning from our creativity-loving community!

Thanks for helping more creators get the support they deserve for their work 🙌