We’ve gone fee-free!

We’re pleased to officially announce that Flattr is currently completely free to use for all. To really grow Flattr into a solution that makes both creators and contributors happy, we know that initially we should bare some costs to make this happen, so with this said, we’re committing to incur all the processing and payment fees so that it’s completely free for you to use.

It’s worth noting that we haven’t actually charged any fees up until now, but we have communicated elsewhere that we’d be charging 9% for payment processing + 7.5% for  using the Flattr infrastructure, however we’ve decided that this won’t be the case and we’ll continue to charge no fees.

We’ll take this approach and then we’ll eventually move to a low-fee model, that we’ll continue to subsidise, where we’ll charge:


5% for payment costs (This will go towards the costs of our payment provider, MangoPay, and is fixed unlike some services that just give an estimate and often charge more based on volumes)


5% for processing (the cost of using the Flattr infrastructure)


=10% in total


But until you hear more from us, you can expect to not pay any fees while using Flattr.


Happy flattring!


Find out more about joining Flattr as a creator here. 

5 thoughts on “Flattr fees 101

  1. I’ve updated my Flattr fee calculator to reflect the changes. However, the  ‘new’ fee structure is so much simpler to calculate that I don’t believe there will be much demand for the calculator going forward.

    For anyone wondering: according to the FAQ on the website, the fixed withdrawal fee for creators remains 3 USD. (Flattr charges the same fee whether you withdrawal 3 USD or 30 000 USD.)

  2. I feel your service always done for personal or business goal. Its give main dealing to connect global user today and in the future.

  3. You have mixed messages and it is very confusing. (e.g. home page shows link to fees and yet it is all verbiage). I am not clear if Flattr would be free or not for me to use? I am happy to show you which websites I visit as long as my privacy is maintained. I think Creators who attract visitors should be rewarded (by you and your sponsors). However I do not feel like paying Flattr just for me to go to websites. You are getting valuable data about consumers and what websites we go to and selling this info to who knows who! Or perhaps you are just hoping to get bought out by google or amazon and move to Fiji (I don’t blame you)! Or perhaps I just don’t understand your business model.

  4. Thanks for your message. We currently don’t charge any fees to use Flattr, but we’ll be sure to post an update if that changes in the future (we don’t have any plans of this yet) – if it does then we’ll charge 10% which will contribute to the cost of our payment service, and also for using Flattr’s infrastructure. In terms of the data, privacy is maintained as everything is stored locally and we don’t collect browsing history – we just need to know who to award the flattr to. Our expension is open source, so feel free to check out how it works if you’re interested: https://github.com/flattr/flattr-extension/ also, we wrote a blog post about how we’re working in the most privacy-friendly way possible (something that’s incredibly important to us) https://blog.flattr.com/2017/06/key-elements-of-the-new-flattr-the-all-knowing-privacy-friendly-algorithm/ Let us know if you have any questions, we’re happy to help :)

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