Worried about the new Patreon fees? Flattr is here to help.

What to do if you’ve been impacted by Patreon’s new fee announcement…

If you’re an internet creator, you’ve probably heard about Patreon’s recent fee changes. Just yesterday Patreon announced that they have changed their fees, effectively in some cases charging more than 35% and therefore making the very popular choice of pledges below $3-4 rather useless and very expensive. This caused a lot of upset in the creator community, with many Patreon users already seeing their Patreon numbers decline since the announcement, since many creators rely heavily on these small pledges.

We still think Patreon is a great solution for creators, but they now seem to be less about supporting creators plural, and more about supporting a creator singular (or perhaps one or two creators)

We’ve always said that Flattr is an additional source of revenue for creators, and can very effectively now fill the gap that’s been created by these fee changes. Here’s why…

At Flattr we actually subsidize (and very much encourage) small payments. We’re focused on micropayments and believe that many small contributions coming together make a big difference for creators (as our motto goes “Många bäckar små blir en stor å” or ‘many small streams form a large river’) The barrier to getting fans to commit to a very small payment is much lower, and takes some work and effort away from the creator, letting them focus on what they do best and not on persuading their fans to support them for more and more money. We’ve also always been very focused on not making creators need to create additional (in many cases non public) content or do extra work based on the number of supporters they have. Patreon’s new fees does encourage the creator to entice their fans to pledge more money to fewer (and probably larger/more popular) creators, something we won’t do with Flattr and is actually the antithesis of what we believe – that creators (plural) of any size deserve support for their work.

At Flattr, we’re actively working to reduce our fees as much as possible, not mask or increase them. We’re confident that as we grow our user-base and realize economies of scale, we’ll be able to reduce the fees we take meaning creators will take home an even larger percentage.

We’ve always believed in supporting the many and not the few. Patreon’s fee changes encourage supporters to increase their pledge amount and decrease the number of people they support. Before your $10 spend on Patreon could make a difference to 10 creators, now the impact of $10 doesn’t go far at all if you split it amongst different creators, and actually becomes quite expensive for fans. Flattr’s one monthly subscription lets you support many different creators, and doesn’t charge you a fee each time you support someone.

We really believe that the more solutions available to creators the better. We’ve never considered ourselves as a competitor of Patreon and instead, our aim is to be one of many viable solutions used by creators to get paid what they deserve. We feel it’s sad that encouraging and championing small contributions doesn’t seem to be part of Patreon’s plans, but we’re proud to serve here and pledge not to change this.

So, what should you do now?

Well to summarize, If you’re worried about losing your smaller pledging Patreons (or maybe you’ve already seen a decrease) then feel free to sign up to Flattr, connect your accounts and encourage those who pledge below $3-4 on Patreon to join Flattr and support you on there instead. These people can support you and many other creators for as low as $3 per month and there will only be one overall fee, not a fee per creator payment, meaning their pledges go further and more of it goes to you.

Get started as a creator on Flattr here, and if you want to support many creators with one small but very meaningful monthly contribution then get started as a contributor here.