There’s been a lot of talk in the creator-world these last few days about all-things fee-related. In light of Patreon’s big fee change announcement there are a number of creators now searching for an alternative solution to the fact that their popular $1 pledge option is effectively redundant, with the popular creator platform seeming to be moving towards a model where supporters pledge larger amounts to fewer creators, leaving a lot of smaller creators in the dark.


Whether you relied on the $1 pledges or saw them as a ‘nice bonus’ on top of your larger pledges, we’re sure you’ve been wondering what you can do to make up for losing this support, and since our product is solely focused on these small payments, we’ll proudly serve in this space.


We wanted to take this opportunity to explain how Flattr really works in comparison to Patreon, both good and bad. We never started Flattr to be a competitor to Patreon, so it’s worth pointing out the differences.


First off, we come from the same belief that the internet creativity should thrive and be fairly supported, and the best way to make it so is to help people easily pay for what their favourite creators create. But beyond that it’s quite different. We believe that many small streams form a large river, in the sense that Flattr is something that everyone that loves the creative internet should use. When you sign up to Flattr you sign up to the idea of supporting the whole creative internet. Your monthly subscription is distributed to everything you love and want to support, and the distribution is automatic, effortless, and goes to the creators you actually pay attention to.


This is how: to become a contributor, your fans install our extension and start a monthly subscription which can be between $3 and $15. Then, thanks to our unique, privacy-friendly algorithm, Flattr can figure out what you give attention to, based on the type of content it is, and can flattr that content accordingly. Read more about how our algorithm works for different content types here. It’s worth mentioning that of course you as the contributor are always in control of who gets money in the end.


But why have we built it like this? It’s simple, it’s made for everyone. Flattr really makes a difference when it’s adopted by the masses, so we’ve built it in a way where it can easily and effortlessly be used by everyone. We are truly passionate about being part of the solution for a truly sustainable internet. We only recently relaunched with this model and we’re growing, but this is only the start. Growing what we’re doing to better support creators is our number one priority.   


Flattr is about community. Flattr is not built to be used to support one single creator, but rather to automatically support the whole community of creators that you enjoy. If you like blogs about cooking, you most likely read many of them. If you watch a lot of YouTube videos about knitting you will Flattr them all. Your love spills over to all your loved creators, as will everyone else’s. As a new creator you only need to get existing Flattr contributors to consume your content and they will automatically flattr you. There is no need to convince them to start to give you money, which is never an easy thing to do. This is the powerful network effect of Flattr that no other system has.


We’re sure you can already see there are pretty big differences between what we do and what Patreon do, and we’ll say it again that we’re not a competitor, instead we think we can perhaps help fill a gap that they’ve created by changing how they do things.


Still wondering what the differences are? Here’s a quick overview of what we think are the main ones…

Flattr Patreon
No charge to the contributor Recently announced up-front charge of 2.9% and 35 cents on every pledge
Create content as you normally would and get rewarded automatically when people consume it When you hit certain ‘milestones’ you’re required as a creator to create special/additional content
Attention/engagement-based: you Flattr the content and the creators you engage with and enjoy Dedicated subscriptions to dedicated creators  
Made to support many creators, not just a few Moving towards a system where supporting 1 or 2 creators through larger pledges is favored
To work well for creators, there needs to be a lot of people using Flattr so the small contributions can add up Already a large pledging community, although now not focused on smaller pledges
Currently it’s not extremely clear which creators are Flattrable – this is coming soon More discoverability as a creator
Flattr’s extension is smart and rewards the content that you actually care about and pay attention to every month You set up your pledges and it stays the same, regardless of if you enjoy/actually see each piece of content the creator produces


If you have been impacted by Patreon’s announcement then here’s how Flattr can help…


  1. Join Flattr as a creator
  2. Encourage as many of your small-value pledgers as possible to join Flattr, where a $3 monthly pledge goes a long way
  3. Encourage creators who have a similar fanbase and/or post a similar type of content as you to join Flattr too (this is where the network effect mentioned above is a huge benefit)
  4. Tell us you’ve joined Flattr so we can feature you in our upcoming showcase of creators
  5. Get $3 for every person who starts a subscription from your creator page – just share a link to your page
  6. Join the conversation here to let us know what else we can do to help you

If you’re interested in being part of the new way to support the creative internet, then start your Flattr subscription for as little as $3 here.

7 thoughts on “Fee-gate, Flattr and you. We pledge to help!

  1. Patreon’s fee changes encourage supporters to improve their pledge amount and reduce the number of individuals they support. There’s no need to convince them to begin to supply you with money, which is never a simple matter to do. Because tearing you apart is the best thing to do. It’s something we’re likely to get to live with. It doesn’t need to be this manner.

  2. How can I integerate the new Flattr with WordPress? Some instructions would be helpful.

    I like the idea of Flattr! However, why did the Flatter button go away? I find the concept of “attention” to be vague – and it’s calculated behind-the-scenes automatically? Maybe it will make sense as I use Flattr.

  3. Hey John! Sure thing. If you head on over to your profile ( and scroll down you’ll see the WordPress logo. Just click on there then log into WordPress to connect it to Flattr. Let me know if you have any issues.

    We’re glad to have your support! We decided to move to a more automatic system because it makes it effortless for people to support the content that they pay the most attention to (and people often forgot to press the button!). It also means that creators can more easily get support for their work. Attention is calculated based on the type of content, and flattrs happen when a particular threshold is reached relative to the content type. There’s some more info on this here: but we’d be happy to answer any more questions you have :)

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