It’s been a whirlwind two weeks: we launched Flattr 2.0, hosted a celebration with some of our favorite creators at an awesome location and helped them earn money as they party, then we headed to Mozfest! Here’s a quick breakdown of the last two weeks:


Tuesday, October 24 saw us launch the new Flattr publicly, introducing a range of features that makes Flattr a product that really improves the internet for everybody, by allowing people to automatically and effortlessly reward creators for their work, therefore keeping the internet amazing.

To celebrate the launch we hosted a party, taking the Flattr concept ‘offline’ for one night. We invited some of our favourite Berlin-based creators, including existing Flattr users, to uber-cool Blogfabrik for a celebration of creation. Guests were paid in ‘Flattr coins’ when they arrived and could accumulate more throughout the night (earn one for every drink you order – yes, really!).  Everybody was encouraged to ‘flattr’ other creators and their work and at the end of the night attendees could cash their coins in for real money – yes, a party where you actually leave with more money than you arrived with! If you hadn’t noticed, we’re fans of doing things a bit differently around here! We included a ‘creator gallery’, where we showcased the work of some of the inspiring creators who attended. Featuring Firepunchd, Planet Prudence Heart of Code, Berlin Briefing and many more.

On the day of the party we were thrilled to see a buzz around the internet about the launch, with coverage from The Next Web and some of our favorite Berlin-based publications. The launch and party were a huge success, and as a team we were overwhelmed with the support for Flattr, and the excitement around what’s to come. Our launch week didn’t end there though, just a few days after the party the Flattr team jetted to London to attend Mozfest, but more on that in a moment ;) 

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Just days after our big launch, Team Flattr jetted to London to join thousands of other open source, healthy internet enthusiasts at Mozfest, for a weekend of brainstorming, collaborating and networking, all focused on how together we can work towards a healthier internet.

We hosted 2 sessions, one about ‘rolling back the ad-dependency, funding content peer-to-peer’ and one focused on ‘ad blocking as a privacy and security tool’ Check out our Facebook page to see some live stream recordings from our talks. 

Similarly to our launch party we also took Flattr’s concept into the physical world again, leaving a treasure trail of Flattr coins around the venue, which led to our booth at Sunday morning’s breakfast. Those who collected coins could come and take their pick from our range of fruit, candy, or Flattr swag. We were inundated with questions about Flattr: ranging from ‘what the F is Flattr?’ to ‘how does Flattr help make the internet more decentralized?’ to ‘how do I get started?!’

To say we learned a lot while at Mozfest would be an understatement, and we could write an essay going through it all (maybe we will at some point…) but one our biggest takeaways in relation to what we’re doing with Flattr was a huge reinforcement that people genuinely do feel that it’s important to pay for content, they want to support creators, and they want an easy and frictionless way to do this. Making the internet more open and profitable for the many and not just the few is an issue that belongs to us all, and our launch week and time at Mozfest only made us more excited to be part of working towards this 🚀

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Thanks to everyone who made our launch and Mozfest 2017 awesome. Here’s to Flattr 2.0!


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  1. Thanks Charles! We hope you’ve managed to try out the new Flattr? Let us know if you have any feedback.

  2. Hey Theresa, we’re really glad to hear that! Let us know what you think once you’ve signed up :)

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