It’s always darkest before spring. fp-progressYes we live in Sweden and the winter is damn dark. But in this case, spring is the release of the beta version, and the sun is already peeking over the horizon.

So you can imagine, that we are pretty busy these days. But now it’s time to give you a quick update!

Current status of Flattr Plus
The add-on itself is basically ready for beta. What we are currently fine-tuning is the brain of the browser add-on, the algorithm that makes sure your money goes to the sites you really engage with and want to be funded. We are testing multiple versions of that algorithm internally to identify the one that will make it to the beta release.

Meanwhile, our designers and UX people are putting the finishing touches on the add-on as well as on the “new” sign-up experience for creating the Flattr account. As Flattr Plus relies on as its backbone, here is where users and publishers will sign up to use Flattr Plus.

To make sure we develop something that you want to use, we are continuously talking to potential users and publishers. Right now, we are conducting a couple of interviews to better understand users’ needs and expectations of Flattr Plus and their attitudes towards rewarding web content that they enjoy.

What’s next
Before the end of the year, we will start a closed beta version to get in-depth feedback for the functionality and the overall experience with Flattr Plus. We are super excited to finally get to that milestone, and will keep you posted.

And for the ones who prefer text over pictures, we have something special on the way: as we put a lot of thought into the idea of voluntarily funding content, and especially the development of the algorithm, we decided to write all of that down in a detailed whitepaper, so anyone interested can understand our approach. And of course challenge or even modify it. As we want to include the beta version of the algorithm and the results from the closed beta, the whitepaper about Flattr Plus is scheduled to be published early next year.

In the meantime, stay warm in the winter darkness!