Flattr developer update #8 – Some API updates

In preparations for our upcoming launch of FlattrPlus, we are refactoring our internal system structure which in some cases means that we need to make rather large changes to how the system operates. In this particular case ‘things’ as a concept must go.

We will no User-Interface-Exit-iconlonger allow the creation of things. In fact we will no longer store most of the data that is now presented as a thing. For most users, this mean nothing. The new system has already dropped all lists of things, the thing pages has been stripped down and you can’t edit the information for a thing. All this because we have understood that things would be dropped as a concept in the future, that is now.

But, if you are a developer building an application that either relies on the creating or fetching things endpoints in the current API you need to know what these endpoints will soon be deprecated. We have checked and already contacted all developers of registered apps that we see are are using these endpoints. But if you are building something that yet has not seen the light of day we can’t know that.

Since fetching or creating things are not necessary in order to Flattr a URL we would want to know more about how you are using the API and how we can help you transition to another solution. Please contact us and we will help you out.

5 thoughts on “Flattr developer update #8 – Some API updates

  1. I’m just curious. Will it be possible to change a URL so it points to the same thing so the Flattr counter can move over? I had a couple folks reorganize their sites and would love to point the URL to the new location.

  2. To change URL only works with the thing identifier system we have now, the system that is being replaced. In the future will URL’s be the sole identifier, that means that the counter will count flattrs towards that URL. Another URL will have another count.

    That said, the button is the only thing containing the count and it’s not the way to use flattr in the future. Check flattrplus.com for more info.

  3. Is there a “What Flattr is not” guide somewhere? As I understand the changes done right now, using it as an additional donation button for a whole site is not part of the concept anymore, if it ever was.

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  5. As you say, the idea of Flattr was never to use it as a donation system for an entire page, it was to let people rewards specific items of content. In general the button is a concept that are being phased out, but will exist. Think tweet button. They are not very common anymore, but there are still around. Automation is the future of Flattr, on all fronts.

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