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Almost a week after the announcement of Flattr Plus it’s time to sum things up and answer some of the questions we got. But lets begin with the re:publica presentation.

Watch the first presentation of Flattr Plus from re:publica

Re:publica is one of the biggest conferences on digital and society, happening each year in Berlin. We are proud to present Flattr Plus to the public there for the very first time. The video shows Peter Sunde, co-founder of Flattr and Laura Sophie Dornheim of Adblock Plus on stage at re:publica explaining why the open web needs a solution like Flattr Plus and how it is going to work.


What the press wrote about Flattr Plus

Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Wired, Ars Technica, Fast Company, Engadget, PC World, Business InsiderYahoo News, Mashable, The Verge, Venture BeatGuardian, Fortune, Wired.de, Der Spiegel, Golem, amongst others.

There have been some questions that have come up often, here are the answers.

Q: What exactly is Flattr Plus?
A: It’s the coming browser add-on that flattrs URLs automatically based on your attention and engagement with the web page. It’s built as a cooperation between AdBlock Plus and Flattr.

Q: Do I need to use AdBlock Plus to use Flattr Plus?
A: No, Flattr Plus will be available as a stand alone add-on.

Q: Will Flattr Plus be integrated into AdBlock Plus in the future?
A: That is the plan.

Q: How will the automatic flattring work?
A: We will measure your attention to the content locally in your browser, when a certain amount of attention has been reached the page will be flattred. How much and exactly how it will work is something we need real beta user feedback on.

Q: How do you protect my privacy?
A: Only URLs that get enough attention will be Flattred and only sites that are on our default whitelist of domains. You can always block any domain permanently and we do not get browser history. All Flattrs done are only visible to you and the receiver, but they don’t know who made it.

Q: Can I use my old Flattr account and/or money?
A: Yes, Flattr Plus uses Flattr to do all flattrs and transactions. (You could think of Flattr Plus as a Flattr app.)

Q: I want to try it!
A: Then sign up to the beta list at flattrplus.com to get access as early as possible.

Q: I’m a publisher, how do I get our content to work with Flattr Plus?
A: You sign up to the publishers list at flattrplus.com/publishers and we will get back to you with more info when it’s time.

Q: We are a publisher, do we need to have Acceptable Ads to use Flattr Plus?
A: No, not at all.

Watch our video explaining why we do this

As always, we love feedback!

9 thoughts on “Flattr Plus in the media

  1. Privacy? My engagement with websites become contributions/flattrs, so basically my history goes public. How do you intend to keep it private?

  2. If I’m paying money then something has been purchased. What is being purchased and what rights does that entitle me?

  3. It is a cool idea, but I would rather prefer manual payments – that already works with Flattr, but the 18 years age limit is quite anoying….
    Or, how about an automated system which will every month show the recomended payments and I would be able to modify the final values and websites :)

  4. The second one is more or less what we are doing, but as long as you don’t delete the flattrs during the month it will happen automatically at end. If ppl would need to manually perform it in the end most would not, we are lazy. Including me.

  5. Ok, I see, but I am a person who don’t trusts bots. You could just show a dialog with notification to check the websites list, and quitting the dialog would make the payment perform automaticaly :)

  6. We could, the plan right now is though not to. That said, we are working out what is the best usage right now so things might depending on what user feedback we get.

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