Announcing Flattr Plus

Today  we are delighted to finally announce something we have been working on for a very long time. In order to accelerate the implementation of Flattr everywhere, we’ve partnered with Adblock Plus. flattr+abpThe two systems share the same ideals, of making the web a cleaner place while making it financially sustainable for those who create the things we engage with.

We call it Flattr Plus and today we’re announcing this plan for the world. It’s will be an add-on for your browser which will automate your flattrs for you, as well as removing the need of implementation of the system for the publishers. Instead of a one-click to flattr someone, the systems goal is to fully automate the flattrs – zero click payments if you like. All based on your engagement with the content.

We’re proud and excited about this opportunity and think this will really make a huge difference in how the web will look. Micropayments on an automatic scale is the missing link in the internet we all love and need and we’re super happy to be part of this huge step forward in supporting the open web.

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7 thoughts on “Announcing Flattr Plus

  1. Having a flattr button everywhere an ad would otherwise be would be nice. Automatically clicking them would not be nice. I would like the ability to say no to inane clickbait, even if it worked.

    Although flattr reduces the cognitive load of deciding whether to support something, it can not and should not try to eliminate it entirely. There will always be a threshold between things that are good enough to support and things that aren’t. If everyone sets this threshold high, we get little content but what we get will be good. If everyone sets it low, we we get a lot of content but of low quality. Flattr Plus is implicitly setting it at rock bottom.

    (I also wish flattrs were user-oriented and not item-oriented. It’s already encouraging people to spam low-effort items with a flattr button.)

    Sincerely, Harald K (former user and quite likely user again soon)

  2. It is sad to see Flattr partnering with such shady player as Adblock Plus :(

    Sincerely, Sergey (current user and quite likely former user soon)

  3. Harald: On the contrary. Flattr Plus will only trigger flattrs once enough attention has been reached so if you do not engage enough with the content no flattr happens. Opposite to eg ad where impressions pay regardless of attention.

    And you will always be in charge in the end too!

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