Flattr developer update #7 – The hunt for bugs

So a new year has begun and the move has been done. It did not go entirely as planned and resulted in more issues than we could handle. Fixing them has taken more time than it should and as an apology, we will not charge any fees for December.

Mid February update: Being a small team we have been delayed by both annoying illness and happy childbirth. We will be back on top of things soon!

Here is a list of the major things we are focusing on now.

The monthly calculation (Fixed)
As the december transaction cycle is the first in the new system we wanted it to be manual so we can oversee each step. Once we know all is working it will be performed and you will get the money on your account. Future cycles will happen as before.

Flattrs history (Fixed)
A lot of you have wondered where it went and if it’s coming back. It’s not gone and the complete flattr history will be back. We will also add a complete revenue history overview.

Transaction history
The transaction history from the old system will be added too. If you need your transaction history you are welcome to drop us a line and we can give it to you.

Rest API/OAuth
The rest API broke completely in the move, we patched the flattr endpoint but some features are still broken. oAuth authorisation is still not working but is at the top of our todo-list. We will post more about the future of the api in a later blog post. If you are a developer and have questions please feel free to contact us.

Deactivate Account (Fixed)
Right now you have to drop us a message to deactivate your account, it will be done from account settings in the future.

Social connections
This was one of the features we did choose to not have enabled at move to simplify the move. Your existing connections are visible on your profile but you can not add any new yet. Once it’s back it will be done from your profile settings.

We understand your frustration when things does not work as they should, we feel the same way. We always appreciate your feedback and the bug reports we received from all of you has been invaluable to us!

We will update this post as things change.

3 thoughts on “Flattr developer update #7 – The hunt for bugs

  1. Can you already tell when the Rest API will work again?
    Doesn’t work, according to the pod.care project.

    Would be great to know :)

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