Flattr developer update #6 – Time to move

Update 3: Due to christmas and new years will some of the bugs take a bit more time to solve. Others have been fixed, the Flattr-buttons are back on the profiles and various behind the scenes account issues has been solved. Should be smoother sailing in the new year to come. Happy new year!

Update 2: So most things are now working, including withdraw. A few does not, e.g. change email. Some are missing, like transaction history. We are trying to fix all issues quickly. Hope we dont’ give you a too bumpy ride.

Update: It’s time, tonight (7th dec) at 7pm CET to tomorrow morning will Flattr be down for migration to the new system. 

under-construction-flashing-barracade-animationSo it’s finally time to move to our spankin new system! Within the coming weeks we will start the process of moving all users. This will mean that almost everything will change. Looks, feel, payments, features etc. As always we assume this move will be kind of rocky, so bear with us. This is a major update and change for Flattr.

Things that can be good to know:

  • There will be downtime, when will be announced on Twitter.
  • The user interface is completely new, even the logo.
  • Facebook and Twitter sign in will be removed. If you use these  request a password via our password reset page.
  • You can only sign in with your email, not username.
  • Skrill will not be used anymore. Withdraws will be done as bank transfers. If you want to withdraw with Skrill now is the time to do it.
  • Some features will not be enabled from start.

For the rest of the changes we recommend you read this post.

35 thoughts on “Flattr developer update #6 – Time to move

  1. What will replace Skill to withdraw money? I’m curious to know if it’s more interesting to withdraw money now or to wait a bit.

  2. Ah, nice. This is the promised fully integrated payments without the need to have an account at a third party, right?

  3. I am new since yesterday, so perhaps this update ist the reason why I can`t see any Flattr Button on my content (youtube, soundcloud)?

    My content also unfortunately is NOT shown in your catalogue.
    How can I put my connected content in your catalogue?
    Or will it shown in the next days automaticly after the update?

    Actual I still can see the login WITH facebook Button.

  4. The new system is not live yet. The catalog will not be part of the new Flattr system. Connecting accounts does not put buttons on the services, because it’s impossible no service allows that.

    Bitcoin support is not planned, due to it’s legislation issues.

  5. is it possible to send you cash (maybe a minimum of amount to make it worthwhile?) in order to fill up the flattr account balance?

  6. As you’re removing Facebook and Twitter sign-in, will you instead implement Google sign-in, or some other method? I don’t want a millionth password.

  7. I notice that the new system is more or less online now?

    I can’t seem to be able to log in to my account with any email that was previously associated with my account. Or are you guys still working on it?

  8. Wow. I am almost speechless.
    I mean, minimalization is fine, but now it feels as if there’s nothing left.
    I can’t put my website url or twitter handle in my profile, there’s no info about the ideal size of the profile pic or the header banner, all things of mine that were flattred ages ago are not visible any more. My profile is completely empty, and I can’t even promote some of my content by hand to fill the blank spaces.
    Clicks on Flattr buttons show people a gray page with a tiny bar on top. I’ve already had problems to get someone to flattr me in the last months, but now it just feels as if you are actively discouraging even the content creators to bother with you anymore.

    I know, you might say that some features will be available at a later time (seriously though, no profile field for “website”?), but currently you are lacking a lot of fundamental tools to make Flattr even remotely useful.

  9. Hi Klopfer!

    So the new Profile is quite different. All connections that exist are visible but we have not yet enabled adding new. We will. But you can do so much more, the description field accepts markdown, so you can format it and create links there. We removed the lists of things as they never served the purpose we wanted and because things are something that will be phased out in the future and replaced with much better things. Oh and everyones existing profile image will be imported into the new system too.

    We love feedback so please give it, either here or via flattr.com/contact

  10. Since you remove the Twitter-Login, I cant log me in to Flattr. The passwort reset page sent me an Account Access Attempted email because the mail is not in your system. Whats going on?

  11. I’m trying to add a US bank account, and get this rather laconic error message

    ‘Failed to add bank account’

    That doesn’t give me any hint about what might be wrong – will this be improved?

  12. I don’t like the new site.

    1. Why the hell my received money wass added to my funds for flattring?! I want to know how much I get from this service (far less than I give).
    2. Loads of information is missing, I mean the whole previous dashboard had a lot of useful info, now there’s only grey background
    3. Everything is way too large! Like made for those damn mobile phones, instead of desktop workstations :-/
    4. The largest problem – where are my “things”? The code for the buttons I created, or the things of everyone else for that matter?
    5. We had avatars before, why not use them instead of forcing everybody to make a whole new profile?

    I’m not impressed with you Flattr, I liked you before, now I’m not so sure. I seriously think of leaving.

  13. Cyber Killer:
    1. Because that is how we wanted it since first launch, now we can do it. It now works like any bank account or money system. How much you make will be visible in the account history.
    2. There is no dashboard anymore. It’s not a great fit to have large pages with lots of data for a mobile first system.
    3. Yes it’s mobile first, as that is the plattform most people use to access the internet. Desktops will be a minority user base for all web sites very soon. We have to adapt.
    4. Things are a concept we are phasing out. They will not exist in the future for a multitude of reasons.
    5. The existing profile images will be imported, but it has not yet been done.

    Changes does not fit everyone, this is our way of moving into a product that is needed for the future existence of Flattr. We hope it grows on you once we can show you the full vision though.

  14. Nope, removed all spaces and still no go… and having owner name and address without spaces would have looked weird in any case (but yes, I tried to remove those, too).

  15. Hi Linus,

    do we will get a update on the REST API, because it is slowing down the site :)

    Thank you for the nice new layout ;)


  16. I might have figured it out – you should make it a lot more obvious that a lot more address fields suddenly show up for bank accounts than the single “Address” line that is there initially.

    Nothing happens at all if you paste something into that line that isn’t recognized as an address.

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