One of the core things of Flattr is of course getting money in and out of the system. The new Flattr will have great improvements in this area, this is how it will work.

The design as matured even more, usability always goes first and we love it!
The design as matured too.

One wallet
We have used Skrill (Previously named Moneybookers) and PayPal almost since the launch of Flattr. Currently we are only using Skrill and soon we will only use Mangopay, although they will be totally  integrated into the system, so you will never see them. Because of the move to Mangopay can we unify the balance for incoming and outgoing money, meaning you will only have one wallet.

Adding money
Most users today use Visa or Mastercard to add money to the system. If you are one of them you will be able to save the card to enable automatic refill when more money is needed. Sofort and Giropay will also be supported as well as normal bank transfers.

Withdrawing money
Withdrawal of money will not be done to your PayPal account anymore, instead it will be done directly to your saved bank account. We are also thinking of automatic payouts as an added convenience.

Sending money
If you want to send a creator some money besides the Flattrs, that will once again be possible to do. Maybe even recurring transfers in the future, if you want that.

All this is a huge step for the usability of the service, making the usage more obvious in the payments area.

As always we love feedback!

5 thoughts on “Flattr developer update #3 – Payments

  1. The return of donations is a very good news, indeed. Especially so with recurring ones.

    I’m not too happy of seeing PayPal (seemingly) completely removed from the system, if only for convenience’s sake, but I guess I can live with this.

  2. I’m very unhappy with a unified wallet. I understand that it is probably easier from a system perspective. But I absolutely love to have incoming money in a separate piggy bank that I can watch grow slowly. The new way is just going to be boring for most people, as it will eat up their incoming money.

  3. I would bet that we’ll still get the monthly email. Having one account will be great!

    Personally, i don’t really understood why i’d have to click that “transfer to funds” button every few months. (Actually, now i get it, but only after i’ve read up on the whole payment system in the background).

  4. If you really want separate In and Out wallets you could just create another flattr account without any things/buttons to do the flattring. I read through the ToS and only found the part about not using multiple accounts to inflate your button clicks. But nothing about multiple accounts in general.

    So unless someone from staff objects I think it’s OK to have multiple accounts for different purposes.

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