The new Flattr will be quite a different beast when it comes to design. But that will also be true for the feature set. As we are doing mobile first we are forced (in a good way) to remove clutter and features. A lot will go, some will stay, many will be updated, few will be added. Here are the first changes, removals and improvements.

The new Flattr might be “Lagom”?

The site will not focus around displaying lists of Flattrs and things any more. Basically because it adds a overhead for visitors, developers and the servers. Also it has shown they are not really a thing that helps in the quest to make people Flattr. Meaning that several pages will become something else or be gone all together.

If you check your dashboard there is a list of activities called “Notifications”. This was meant to give you a overhead view of what is going on. In reality it adds more noise than usefulness. So it will be dropped.

The profiles will not be mandatory and be more focused on showing what you do. The endless lists of things will be gone and instead you will have more control over what is displayed. Giving you the chance to flaunt your content and where it can be found and flattred.

It’s history. It has never worked in the way we wanted it to. To make it possible to find stuff it forces users to tag and categorize everything meticulously. A tedious process no one wants to do and does not do. Resulting in catalog that lacks so much content that it says “this is how little you can flattr” instead of the opposite it was meant to. Flattr is not meant to be a system where you search for content to support. We are here to help you flattr what you already want to support.

Things will both stay and be gone. The current thing pages, has been needed because of the lists and catalog. Now we don’t and thing pages will be updated to displaying the Flattr information as a small bar on top and then the actual page beneath. Doing this keeps information up to date and makes it clear what you actually flattr.

Lets end there for now, remember what you read here might not final and we love feedback and comments!

2 thoughts on “Flattr developer update #2 – Things

  1. These sound like exciting and sensible changes. I’m glad you guys are continuing to grow and experiment and I hope the re-focused priorities will be an opportunity to get new people interested & spread adoption

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