Suspended account?


To continue towards the usage of Mangopay we have now suspended non-updated accounts that has not been used for quite a while. This might give you message that your account has been suspended when you login.

If you know that you have not used your account recently you should login and check to be sure you do not loose your account permanently. Remember to update the account info if you are prompted to do so. If your account is suspended just contact us at with your username and we will unlock it.

Before we can move over completely to Mangopay we though need to suspend more accounts and finally delete them. So hurry up. Please help us reach the users that does not get/read our emails so they can update their accounts.

And as we wrote in the last blogpost, buttons saying “Error” is probably the same reason. You can read more about that in our last blogpost.

2 thoughts on “Suspended account?

  1. Regarding my comment on your last blogpost:

    Oh! I think I follow now! :P
    So, just to be sure:
    If I see nothing about accepting Terms in my Dashboard, I shouldn’t worry? Correct? :)

    Casper Qvortrup

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