Finding Error buttons?

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.06.42As to move along in the transition to Mangopay, we just deactivated the possibility to flattr accounts that has not approved our new Terms of use despite several attempts to contact them. If you find a Flattr-button that says “Error” this is the most probable cause.

If your buttons says error, just login to Flattr and update the form you get.

If it’s someone you want to flattr, reach out and tell them to login and update their account.

And please do or they will not receive your Flattrs, that would be sad :(

3 thoughts on “Finding Error buttons?

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  2. Hey,

    Are any way to check/make sure that you yourself have accepted the ToS? I’m pretty sure I DID. Multiple time actually. It just never gave me any proper feedback (neither that I did I failed to do it nor that I did it right).

    Casper Qvortrup

  3. If your account works all is fine. If you have not accepted them you can’t access anything inside, the only thing you get is the form to update the account.

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