Everything you need to know about the new terms and the usage of MangoPay, in 4 questions and answers.

1. Flattr is asking to sign news terms and to fill in some new information. What are the differences between the new and the old terms?

The big changes are mainly the addition of the MangoPay terms. Besides that we have basically just removed things that was not needed anymore. If you want to know exactly what changed, check this diff.

keep-calm-and-answer-my-questions-52. What will happen if an user doesn’t update the information and sign the new term?

Then will the account be suspended. When suspended you can not add and withdraw money or send and receive flattrs. To activate the account you just need to sign in and update the info though.

If you don’t activate your account within three months, your account will be removed and any money, flattrs and things will be lost. We will obviously contact users multiple times to ensure they know what is happening and try and help out in the best way possible. We don’t want to delete accounts but we are not allowed to have accounts that lacks KYC information so we have to.

3. What are the 3 main problems MangoPay is solving?

Firstly, the complexity of our double wallets. We have one for money you give and one for money you receive. A solution we had to have due to legislation, not choice. This also means we can’t allow you to withdraw money you added, also due to legislation. With Mango we will merge these two and you can withdraw all of it.

Secondly, we will eventually be able to do standard transfers between accounts, something that we are not allowed to do now either.

And, last but not least, bank transfers in and out. So you will withdraw the revenue directly to your bank rather than via PayPal or Skrill. This also means that if you want to use Paypal or Skrill this it the time to do it as it will not be possible after the move to Mango.

This blogpost tells your more

4. Flattr has abandoned Bitcoin funding because of “technical issues”. Can you be more specific? What was the exact problem? Was Bitcoin used at all ?

The payment provider had a window of payment of 15 minutes, too many transactions did not arrive during this time and gave us way to many technical issues and admin overhead. Not to say unhappy customers. Bitcoin was used, but it was just a few % of the money added to the system each month. Meaning the problems it caused could not be justified economically.

9 thoughts on “4 questions about Flattr & MangoPay

  1. Hi,
    When I previously pointed out Mangopay’s stringent restrictions (no withdrawals under 200€) you folks told me that your relationship with Mangopay is special and users are not to be concerned to read Mangopay’s terms & conditions from the Mangopay website; and yet, in the new T&C of flatter I see:

    ‘By signing up to Flattr you also agree to the MangoPay Terms & Conditions (“General terms and conditions of use of the electronic money MANGOPAY”).’

    Those terms you are referring to are not included within the new Flattr T&C so I can only assume this is referring to the Mangopay T&C.

    I would need to see, in your terms, what are the exact fees and restrictions involved with bank transfers out, to outside Europe (ex: Canada, the USA, etc.). As it stands I still have no idea what I’m agreeing to with the documentation available to me.

    I’m all for believing that Flattr’s use of Mangopay solves real problems and is a win for users and creators, but I need to see proof, with hard numbers and clear terms when it comes to interaction with other financial institutions.

  2. The Mango terms are linked from our terms right where it mentions them. https://flattr.com/mangopayterms.pdf

    And as earlier stated, the Terms you find at Mangopay’s site are the one between MangoPay and the partner (in this case us). MangoPay does not work toward end users at all so any info you find on their site is strictly towards us.

    Bank fees to banks outside SEPA depends on what bank it’s sent too so it’s not really possible to state them in the terms. They are also something that can change quite often as it’s the receiving bank that decides them.

  3. I am really unhappy about this and will be removing my account. That is all.

  4. I want to update my account, but I have asked you and have never received a reply – that’s why there has been no activity with my account.
    Please send all the information I need to understand what to do with my donation and how this works. Please.

  5. Lisa Perdue: sorry but from a comment on the blog can’t we know what you are referring too, please use flattr.com/contact for any support issues.

  6. I’ve got one more question.
    I think the feature to directly transfer money between flattr accounts is a very important change that could change the use case of flattr a lot for many users yet you’re not going into that in detail.
    The most important thing i’d like to know is if the 10% flattr fee or any other fees will be applied to those transfers.

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