Over two years ago we stated that this is not the end when Apple bluntly forced the best ever Flattr integration out of the worlds favorite podcast app, Instacast. It took quite a while but now it’s back! Via the new Instacast Cloud feature of both the iOS and Mac apps you can effortlessly Flattr all the podcasts you love so much.


The Instacast Cloud is built to handle sync of all your Instacast devices. But it also makes it possible to automatically Flattr the podcasts you listen to.

Just connect your Instacast Cloud account with your Flattr account to enable automatic flattring of podcast episodes.


You can choose to flattr once you finish playing an episode, once you mark an episode as favorite or once you mark an episode as played. As soon as one of these events happen, Instacast communicates with Instacast Cloud and will flattr the episode automatically.

Don’t forget to tell your favorite podcasters to get a Flattr account too.

Download instacast and start flattring!

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  1. Can you have a chat with the Downcast people? It would be great to have some integration with that, too.

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