43039085For a long long time our payments has been an annoying itch of ours. Handling money is very legislated and controlled. So our payments have been illogical, hard to use and stopped us from doing what we want. This is about to change!

As we are starting a cooperation with the payment platform MangoPay, we will soon be able to do a lot of things that we weren’t able to do before. As we plan do this transition we wanted to give you a heads up and also tell you about the great things to come.

– A single wallet for your money. No longer will we be forced to keep your money separated in incoming/outgoing wallets. Your account will have one wallet and the money in it is yours to use anyway you want. Yes, this means that you will be able to withdraw any money that you’ve deposited, should you change your mind.

– Withdrawals will always be made directly to your bank account. We will no longer use Paypal or Skrill for this.

– Adding money will be simpler and straight forward. Recurring payments, auto top-up when you run out of money and (functioning) bank transfers directly into your Flattr account are all things that will be possible.

– Direct transfers of money between Flattr accounts. For those of you that have been around for a while think donations but easier to use.

Some general account changes will also be necessary as we need to start collecting basic information about our users. Especially if you are a large receiver or giver. This is called a KYC (Know your customer) and is an EU law to counter money laundry. Previously PayPal and Skrill indirectly handled this for us, which is why your Flattr account could be fairly void of personal information before.

This is just the first of a series of great changes for Flattr this year. Lets go!

21 thoughts on “Time for change, our payments

  1. Hervooor-ragend :-) Looking forward to the implementations of these changes very much. Thank you so much for working on this!

  2. I like having separate wallets for incoming and outgoing donations. This way I can keep track of the small amount that I have been given. If they were the same I’d be constantly giving away what I “earned” & never get anything out (not even if it’s a single 5€ after a year).

    Please have an option of keeping the wallets separate.

  3. Sounds great!

    Will transfers to paypal stay an option or is paypal completely out?

  4. I’m rather skeptical about kicking out PayPal, it will probably mean a lot less usage of the service from outside of Europe. It was always hard to convince the non-EU-users of my site to use Flattr because many of them thought it’s too complicated but without PayPal it’s extremely unlikely any of them will even bother to try.

  5. @Linus: so instead of “No longer will we be forced to keep your money separated in incoming/outgoing wallets.” we will be forced to keep all the money in a single wallet – no change there IMHO, still there are no options.

    And no Skrill/Moneybookers? That’s a real real shame. :-(

    From my point of view this only makes Flattr less attractive.

  6. There are probably some countries that wont work to send from bank. But the world is so big that there are nothing that works for everyone.

    In some ways are we also sad to have to remove PayPal but it’s impossible to keep it, for several reasons. So there is really no need to ponder it. Hopefully we can add support for USD in the future to make it easier for many people. Who knows. And the payments will be much smoother in general with direct integration into Flattr.

    One wallet for all money is to us a great change. We never wanted to have them as they are now, we where forced by the laws. But as always everyone will not agree that the changes are what they want.

  7. I’m sort of concerned, same as Elias and Cyber Killer that a complete removal of PayPal and Skrill may in term cripple many creators who make their earnings via Flattr.

    And that only for the sole reason that so many users are dependant solely on Paypal, or simply will not dare use any other payment service, let alone a direct bank or credit card transfer (again without it being via Paypal or Skrill).

    If this option was a side option for funding and/or withdrawal of flattr funds, I wouldn’t disagree this would be an amazing update/addition, but as it is now I’m very much concerned that it will be a deterrent for many supporters.

  8. As I wrote, it’s not possible to keep them. So it’s not really any use to discuss the complications of it. This is the way forward.

    And also, there are a lot of services that does not use PayPal, eg Kickstarter. So it’s not really as horrible of a change that one could think.

  9. I understand Linus, thank you. I was just voicing my concern, and fully understand that it’s likely a legal issue preventing you to keep them.

    However I do have a question no how will MangoPay operate. I did read in their FAQ that they cover 150 countries across the globe, and offer Visa and Mastercard, so from a supporters point of view there should likely be reasonable hassle free options, but what about the withdrawal options for the creators?
    Is there a supported countries list, and will the Bank transfer will be the only way to withdraw flattr proceeds, or are there other options (such as they exist on Paypal and Skrill) like bank wire or credit card withdrawal?

  10. Started checking out the blog because noticed the widget no longer showing up on my website. Since PayPal option is being removed, I’ll probably stop using flattr altogether :-\ Time will tell…

  11. Great news! Our club decided not to use Paypal because of their less-than-completely-userfriendly rules, and this change will finally enable us to use Flattr on our site. Thanks for that!

  12. After what i’ve learned about my administration’s habits, i’d rather give a d4mn sh1t about their money laundry concerns and use a bitcoinflattr connector instead. I will not supply KYC data for micropayment. Full stop.
    About PayPal: Folks, won’t you see that leaving this b4st4rd is a brave step to go for Linus & Co? Stop fycking complaints about that one.
    Not need we banx anymoar!

  13. Withdrawals to banks should be possible worldwide but I’m trying to track down a list of some kind. An alternative to bank withdrawals will not be available. But this becomes a problem we will of course address it.

    KYC is not optional I’m afraid. Just like it’s not with PayPal or any other system. It’s like gravity, the law ;)

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