Time flies and things changes, specially the internet. So it’s time for us to change too. So we are redesigning Flattr. As design is not just looks, but also how it works, everything will be redone from the ground up. Come join us, you are invited to follow the process!

Obvious illustration, right?

Flattr was launched over 4 years ago. Since then have features come and gone, but the main concept and usage has not really changed. The internet have though, a lot. When we started the iPhone 3G was the hottest thing and Twitter still had an open API.

Today we have a web that is simple and accessible but controlled by a few huge companies and it’s more in your pocket than on your desk. The changes have brought the bad with the good and it’s now time for us to make the best of the new. We still believe in a paid but free web and therefor are we embarking on this redesign and there will be a few surprises on the way.

We have always wanted to make Flattr as simple as possible to use and understand. As the basic concept is quite hard to grasp the rest needs to be super simple. In reality it’s not and have never been. So it’s time to change this. This redesign is completely aimed towards  simplification, mobility and accessibility. This will means a lot will change and even more will be removed. You will probably feel a bit lost and certainly question our judgment several times. As always change does not instinctively feel great.

As you could read in our last blog post the first thing we will change is how the payments works. We do this, because we now can. When we started we thought that handling the actual payments would be simple. We thought we could find a service that could do it for us. Turned out that was not the case. Now the service we always wanted is here and we will use it and it will be great.

Mobile first
Obviously the mobile web did exist when we started Flattr, but it was not large enough of a visitor base to put real effort into. Today it’s almost the opposite. This means Flattr should be mobile first. Luckily the tools today makes for great and simple mobile first development. Not the “lets make two sites” strategy that was common some years ago.

We will to be open and transparent about the what we plan, think and do. This is the place where you can read, comment and follow the progress.

7 thoughts on “Developing a new Flattr experience

  1. By “redesign” do you mean “redesigning the site” or “redesigning the system”. Are you going to change any core functionality or is it “just” about how things are presented on the (mobile) web?

    I totally agree that flattr.com lacks a lot regarding the mobile web experience but I wonder if this might be related to the mobile app ecosystem as well?

  2. Please also make sure that logos with transparency can be uploaded and will be displayed properly: no white or black edge, but the background color of your site.

  3. The the site will be completely redesigned. On top of that will be clean up and improve. Lean and mean is the motto, all feature creep will be gone and then some more. A mobile experience that is great is the goal and that means a lot of things needs and should go out the door. We will get back more in detail with what this is. Obviously we will keep the core usage.

  4. I’m looking forward to reading more about which features will stay and which will be gone. This will help to decide about continuing with your new terms.

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