Golem.de, one of the biggest (and best) German news site for the IT industry with a monthly user base of 1.8 million and over 12 million visits each month adds Flattr support for all their articles.

In our last blog post we talked about the fact that many people don’t like ads. Golem.de knows this too. When they¬†asked their readership to turn off ad-blockers it sparked a discussion about revenue options available, in this Flattr was suggested.

Because Golem’s readership asked for Flattr integration you can now flattr all their articles.

Golem also changed the integration of their social buttons to transmit less information to third party sites they also added Flattr for each article. Normally social buttons will send information to the other sites with each page load. The new integration will share the necessary information only when someone wants to share an item. Something their users also requested.

We welcome Golem to Flattr. Now go to their Flattr profile and give them a warm welcome!