We have come to an interesting shift as a lot of content creators online would rely on ads as their main source of revenue. Now more and more ads are being blocked on the web. The people are speaking out with action saying that they do not want ads.

♡ 2013 Mimi and Eunice. Copying is an act of love. Please copy and share.It is upsetting the equilibrium of the internet. Yet the internet has always been a source interrupting the equilibrium of the world. Destructoid reported on the phenomena of close to 50% of their readership blocking their ads.

The people have spoken: We do not want ads.

How can it be a stigma to ask for donations, while asking your readership to unblock ads for your site is not? It is time to try get out of your shell and try something new! Allow your reader-viewer-ship to support you. It is quite evident that they like what you do, or they wouldn’t be coming back eternally.

You will lose money on it being adblocked no matter what, so what do you really have to lose by trying out a different means of revenue already? OK Cupid offered it’s visitors to go Ad-Free forever for $5 when ads were blocked. Similar examples have been around with Flattr, they are few and far between since most of our users don’t want ads on their sites either.

Want to learn more? Let me direct you to some useful links:
How Flattr works
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We’re not telling you to stop using ads, but give those of us who want to adblock the option to support you in other ways – win/win.

One thought on “We do not want Ads – What to do instead

  1. Maybe Adblock plugins could join the Flattr partner revenue sharing program and automatically flattr sites you visit. I’m thinking of something indirect, so that we can distinguish these automatic passive flattrs from deliberate ones.

    Participating sites would enable some sort of beacon that the Adblock software would recognise. So if a hypothetical site CatsPics had an adblock autoflattr beacon, the corresponding button would be for something like http://myadblocker.com/beacon/CatPics. Because the beacon flattrs would be separate from the button-press or Like flattrs, users may be more comfortable with them

    This could be packaged as a sort of universal ad-free-mode pass

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