Adding Bitcoin support

Apparently the great community around Bitcoins wants us to add Bitcoin funding, the nagging has sometimes been skilled like that of an old lady.

As you asked for it. You got it! We are happy to tell you that you can now fund your account with Bitcoins. Just pick Bitcoin on the “Add funds” page.

The Bitcoin payments are handled by awesome Danish Startup BIPS, located in Copenhagen, just 30 minutes from Malmö, where we are.

Want to be able to withdraw in bitcoins? Tell us!

51 thoughts on “Adding Bitcoin support

  1. Withdrawing Bitcoins would be perfect – we’re supposed to spread the wealth around, not hand it all over to exchange traders.

    Furthermore, it would keep all transactions purely in the cloud, and provide one more pillar for internet self-governance (hey, one can always dream ;)

  2. I understand it’s hard to withdraw from USD to BTC, so why not just allow users to hold a BTC balance and withdraw from that? That way no conversion would be required at all, and it would still be a good service.

  3. Withdrawing with bitcoins would be fantastic. I prefer Bitcoin to USD when doing business and supporting people who inspire.

  4. Great!

    Now to make it complete it needs withdrawing in BTC,
    but great you took the first step!

  5. i hope this is only the beginning.

    I would like to see the possibility to withdraw BTC too.

    I would like to see the accounts holding bitcoins.
    possibility to spend bitcoins with flattr.
    to have the ability to choose if the flattr should be transferred in EUR/USD or BTC

    I would like to run the accounts in bitcoins.
    to have the ability to choose the currency of the accounts.

  6. I just added a new account but didn’t see a bitcoin option during the initial funding part of the sign-up process.

  7. Would also like to see the ability to withdraw Bitcoins, so I don’t need to go through PayPal.

  8. Really useless unless we can be paid in bitcoin to.
    The whole point is to spread the economy around and not just sell it on exchanges to speculators. And then the people have to buy bitcoin back from exchanges instead of spending what they earn.

  9. Thank you a lot!
    Now I also joined Flattr :)

    But withdrawing with Bitcoin would be very nice!

    Best regards,

  10. If Flattr automatically converts $/€/… in Bitcoins so I am able to have a Bitcoin Flattr account I will also join. There is a great demand for this feature so you will do it anyway :) The only question is: When?

  11. Have you guys considered Litecoin as well?

    Also, Can’t wait for BTC Withdraw

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