Before I start this post I would just like to officially say that Flattr has a really outstanding community of developers that we are so happy to work with.  This list includes the awesome folks behind the Flattr IOS Manager App, Superfav, Flattrstar, Youtify, Fundd, and many more.  As if it couldn’t get anymore awesome here comes Fleddit, a Flattr, Reddit mashup built by the ever industrious Flattr user @SkaveRat.

Fleddit allows any Flattr user to tip posts and comments that they enjoy across Reddit simply by typing +flattr in the comment thread.  Currently, this list of subreddits is supported and there is now a special subreddit just for Fleddit enthusiasts call /r/Tippit.

Tippit is a community to discover Flattr worthy content on Reddit.  It was created by the brothers @DavidDiGiovanni and @PauliDiGi of the Group SRC podcast who have been big boosters of Flattr in the United States.  They also created this handy graphic below that explains how to connect accounts and start using Fleddit today.

Big thank you from the Flattr team to both of them!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Fleddit – Flattr, Reddit mashup!

  1. A bigger update arrived!

    Now *all* (non-private) subreddits work out of the box!

    The syntax has changed, though: it’s “+/u/flattr” now

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