FiveYearItch gives new clients $200 to flattr is a platform for developers seeking a new job. They matches what it would take to make you leave your job with employers who can promise to meet your requirements. Brilliant. And they just come up with another really good idea.

FiveYearItch will credit $200 to the Flattr account of each professional who gets a new job through the Rather than cash or trinkets, they decided to give an experience, an opportunity to do some good for the world. This way, the software developer, the employer, FiveYearIch, and Flattr all cooperate to “pay it forward” to worthy causes, and in particular to the open source developers who help us get our jobs done.

Half the barrier to donating to worthy causes is the hassle. Flattr pioneered a new, easier, style of donation. This initiative takes it one step further, by getting people and organizations the chace to give together. Collaborating with others to do good is the best social glue, and can encourage everyone involved to donate further.

This is definitely a great way of using flattr. We look forward to help companies give their employees money on their Flattr account as Christmas gifts etc.