With the ability to Flattr all users on services you hang out on, you can flattr a creator that hasn’t signed up to Flattr. Some people have misunderstood how it works.

This is how it works
First of, we are not holding onto money for creators we don’t know the owner of. This is the most important thing.

When you flattr a creator on Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Github, Flickr, Vimeo, 500px or App.net that hasn’t yet signed up to Flattr that microdonation will be an unclaimed flattr.

Unclaimed flattrs are not be taken from your monthly budget, until they sign up. The month the creators signs up, is the month that flattr will be a part of your budget. The creator will then get the money on the 10th the coming month.

Again, we don’t keep any money in the meantime as we don’t want to hold money for creators that has not said they want to accept it. We also think it’s better that creators with accounts get the money.

How creators that have flattrs waiting get notified
At the moment we are relying on our amazing community’s help us be the messenger to creators. Head over to our Unclaimed flattrs page to be the messenger to popular creators.

We are working on a way to send automated notifications to creators that aren’t a flattr user to let them know that their fans want to support them with money. We just need to make sure people don’t feel spammed by our system.


6 thoughts on “When you flattr somebody that isn’t a flattr user – unclaimed flattrs

  1. I assume “The creator will then get the money 10th the coming month” should say “The creator will then get the money in the coming month”. Is that right?

  2. Tom: Yes! Or, “The creator will then get the money on the 10th the coming month”

  3. Please implement that notification system as soon as possible; it’s the one thing that’ll allow us to reach out to EVERYONE!

  4. I don’t think automatic notifications are a good idea – could hurt the course because it’s seen as spam. It’s better from third parties, since there is no financial interest involved.

    Basically there have to be just more donations, then the owners will come by themselves to claim’em.

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