We are closing down the donation button

To make the use case for Flattr more straight forward and easier for everybody to undersand we’ve decided to stop letting our users receive single donations.

Starting today we will take away the “donate” button option on user profiles and in the popup that appears when you click at Flattr button twice.

The function will cease to exist on April 15. This means that users that link directly to a donation urls will still have time to switch to another service.

We’re sorry about the inconvenience that this might cause and we are looking into various options to do macro donations via Flattr.

24 thoughts on “We are closing down the donation button

  1. For me, this is the 2nd useful feature Flattr removed in a less than a year. Expiration date on subscriptions was the other: http://blog.flattr.net/2012/08/subscriptions-made-easier/.

    Not happy about this pursuit of “straight-forward-ness”. It appears single-minded, reducing Flattr to only 2 micro-(just a few ct in my case)-donation functions:
    – 1-time
    – monthly recurring, unlimited
    Will it stay there, or will either of them also be axed? Like the use-cases I also liked:
    – 1-time “macro”-donation
    – recurring micro-donation for a limited number of months

  2. Interesting. I guess that it was nearly not used.

    In some extent, from a philosophical point of view, it makes sense. I believe that a Flattr is not a donation but a payment with a “free price”. That’s how it seems to evolute and, thus, it was about time before it became independant from its donation parent.

  3. First you removed (time) limited subscriptions and now you remove donations. Why do you move in the wrong direction? :-(
    I really liked and used both features. Not happy…

  4. So… what good is flattr anymore?

    I just signed up, and am trying to connect some accounts, and now I read your taking away the ability for people to give me a micro payment with the flattr button?


  5. I comprehend this decision. I never quite understood why the feature was added in the first place as it somehow undermined the concept of flattr (having a monthly budget and by clicking flattr-buttons determining its distribution).

  6. About the last, “macro donations” part: Subscriptions with expiration date largely solved that use case for me. I could value things 3, 6 or 12 times more than regularly, with just a few clicks.

    I think it would make sense to bring these back now, alongside the unlimited subscription. Together with an account settings for subscription period, default being unlimited, so that:
    1st click = regularly flattr a thing
    2nd click = subscribe to thing with default period as set in account
    3rd (and maybe 4th) click = adjust subscription period individually

  7. Seriously? That was the only real way to transfer flattr-money from one user to another one in flattr itself when you are cooperating on a project.

  8. The one feature which made it possible for sites to collect donations if you don’t want to depend on PayPal. This is sad news.

  9. That’s the big fucking trend in e-biz these days: stripping away useful features and functionality to the detriment of all but the most braindead consumers. This “pursuit of straight-forwardness” is really just spineless pandering to the lowest common denominator. Fuck American commerce. These slick decision-makers should have their throats slit.

  10. Not only are you guys idiots for this, but someone who posted before me used the non-word “evolute”. Seriously? That isn’t a fucking word.

  11. In another year will you be shutting down all the rest of your services? Imagine how streamlined and easy to understand things will be if you don’t even offer any services or have any employees!

  12. This is stupid. Why is every web service destroying all their functionality in the interests of making things “simpler”?

  13. Nobody got it? Flattr is afraid of MAFIAA and other P2P witchhunters. That very donate button was the main way most private P2P trackers admins were getting donations to cover server costs.

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