After signing up to Flattr you are able to receive microdonations from your fans on Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram etc. It’s very clear in our stats that the creators that communicate that they are flattrable with there fans regularly are the ones that receive the most money.

Here’s some resources you can use to communicate with your fans that you are flattrable.

Make your Flattr profile pretty
Edit your profile to add your photo, a short bio and write a sentence about why your fans should send microdonations to you. Take the chance to drive some traffic to your site by adding your url.

Here you also have the chance to be a transparent super modern and share with the world what you in return flattr, what your monthly budget is and how much you make.

Always find a reason to tweet
The life of tweet is a only a couple of seconds and only a fraction of your followers will see each of your posts. Each tweet is another reason to be flattred.

By sharing what you do often you enable the same fan to support you many times during a month.

The first thing you can do is to tell your fans that you use Flattr and that they can sign up to send microdonation to you by favoriting your tweets.

You will get an email from us each time you are flattred. Be proud and happy! Say thank you to the fan that sent it!

Mention Flattr in your podcast
Many podcaster mention how an episode was produced and who sponsored it. This is a great opportunity to tell your listeners how and where they can flattr you.

Here’s your manuscript

“Beloved listeners. I love doing this and I’m very happy that you listen. You could say that I’m flattred. Speaking of being flattred I use service called Flattr. It means that I can receive microdonations on services like Twitter and Instagram. All you have to do to support me is to sign up at and favorite my tweets as well as other creators you appreciate.”

I Use FlattrPublish a photo on Instagram
Since Instagram is a all about beautiful pictures, that’s of course how you should communicate with your fans there.

So! Go out and spray paint a house with your message, draw the Flattr logo in the sand or observe when the clouds say “support me” and capture it all with your mobile.

Or, just download this photo and share it on Instagram. Add the caption “It’s time to give back to creators” to rubb your message in.


Last but not least, tell your fans why you need money and why it matters to you to get their support.

Here’s why supportes should use flattr:
Supporting creators gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Flattr is a “Like” with real value. It’s about being a part of the creation of great content.

By flattring creators you help them create. It gives them both money and energy to create more and better content. Content for you to enjoy. We believe in an open and free internet. Supporting creators is the way to enable more content to be free and open.

Help us make the internet a better place, one microdonation at a time.

13 thoughts on “Tips & tricks on how to get flattred

  1. Every month, I post a report of my Flattr activity, both given and received. That way, I can show to my readers that I do get some money from Flattr and also point some content that I found good enough to flattr it.

    Also, I kinda liked the monthly “thank you” note that we could send to those users who flattred us, even thos who had chosen to remain anonymous.

  2. I put the link to my flattr-profile in the head of my twitter-profile and in my email-signature. May it’ll help, who knows…. ;-)
    Thanks to Martin Thörnkvist, who opened this “Tips & tricks” -theme here.

  3. For people who have already an account on AND a twitter-account as well, who wanted to be flattred, I find it helpfull that they mark their tweets with the hashtag #flattr.
    So I would know, that it makes sense to favore their tweet. In my experience it is less usefull to favor tweets of people, who are not already have a flattr-account.

  4. Hi Martin, to have the logo on the provile picture would be too ‘big’ but I thought about something like the size of a favicon, which I could place before the flattr-link.
    I’ve tried to make an example, hope it is visible.
    (stored under : – it’s on a temporarily Evernote-Page)
    Would that be makeable?

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