We’ve made it easier than ever to support creators. Now you can give and receive microdonations directly on services you use. Connect your Flattr account to Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Github etc and just “favorite”, “like” or “star” to flattr content you appreciate.

Everyday creators post 400 million tweets to Twitter and upload 5 million photos to Instagram. For most of us the internet is our most important source for information and creative work.

We are on a mission to help creators get money for the value they create for all of us. We believe that the way people pay must be in line with the way people behave online. If you think about it, we click a lot of links only to realize it wasn’t for us. That’s because we are explorers.

With Flattr supporters can send money to creators after they’ve consumed content and found it valuable for them.

New Flattr makes all the content on services you use flattrable!

How it works
Connect to services you use
You can connect your Flattr account to Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Github, Vimeo, Flickr and 500px. We will continuously add support for more services. You can always turn connections on and off in your settings at any time.

“Like”, “favorite” or “star” to flattr creators
When you’ve done the connections you can start flattring creators on the services you’ve connected. Regardless if you use a service on the web, in mobile apps or in third party apps, you just “like”, “favorite” or “star” to flattr content.

Creators get their money
At the end of the month we divide supporter’s budgets in the number of flattrs made and send the equally big parts to creators. Creators receive their money on the 10th the coming month. The value of a flattr is a users monthly budget divided by the number of flattrs he or she makes during a month.

Head over to Flattr.com to learn more about how it works.

Share the new Flattr with your friends

Give back to creators
With new Flattr, supporting creators becomes a natural part of your life. By doing what you already do on service you already use you can easily support the creators that make the internet so valuable for you.

We believe in a free and open internet. We want people to value what they get from internet and support creators monetarily / voluntarily, and help them create more awesomeness.

Join us on our mission to make the internet a better place, one microdonation at a time!

24 thoughts on “Launching new Flattr – Add money to your likes

  1. For me personally it would be more important that retweeted tweets get flattered. Will this be implemented in the future?

  2. finally! thank you. but i’d really appreciate to see a big thankyou to http://superfav.com and http://www.flattrstar.com who had been there first.

    also, due to their downtime i just recently switched from superfav to flattrstar, now i switched on flattrs from flattr.com, too – i’d like to know how you are planning to resolve all those different flattrs.

  3. This is really great!

    But wouldn’t it make more sense, in many cases, to be able to link Flattr to a Facebook *page* instead of a personal profile?

  4. Nice to see these new features, I hope they help to spread the word about Flattr’s mission.

    Are you guys tracking how the new features are affecting overall flattr activity? Is there a significant rise in flattrs? Do people modify their monthly budget in order to adjust to the new dynamics?

    I would love a follow up post in due time where you share your insights on the effects of the new features.

  5. GitHub integration is great, but it’s useless for me without support for organizations. I understand this is not easy, but there’s always a way.

    For example, what about splitting donations between all owners of an organization? If they’re lucky enough, they could then decide to share with other members of the project.

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