We know it’s a hard time to get paid for the stuff you make online. Especially the everyday creations and communication you have with fans. We want to help you make that part easier.

Here’s the deal, we fix the tech and you tell your followers to support you!?

It’s really easy to start using Flattr as a creator. Here’s the super easy four steps to be flattrable on the services you already use.

Choose I'm a creator1. Sign up and hit “I’m a creator”
It’s as simple as it sounds. Head over to flattr.com and sign up with your email address, Twitter or Facebook.

Choose “I’m a creator” in the next screen to get you started.

2. Connect your accounts
You’ll get a list of the eight services (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Flickr, Github, Vimeo, App.net and 500px) we currently support. Simply connect with the services you use.

After you’ve made the connections you receive microdonations when supporters that use Flattr favorite, like and star your content!

Spread the word3. Let your followers know you are flattrable
We can’t stress it enough how important it is to communicate with your followers that they can support you. This goes for Flattr as well as Kickstrater, donation buttons on your site or other good ideas you’ve come up with to enable your fans to support you.

If you don’t believe us, ask Amanda Palmer about the art of asking.

To make it easy for you, there’s an option to send a Tweet that we’ve written for you or shoot to you fans on Facebook.

We divide supports money4. You get your money
At the end of the month we divide all supporters monthly budget’s by the number of flattrs they’ve made and send the equally big parts to creators.

You get paid to your Flattr account on the 10th the coming month. Viola!

Try it out, it’s free! And spread the word to your followers.