At Flattr we are on a mission to get people to support creators monetarily based on voluntary micro payments after a piece of content is consumed.

Amanda Palmer and Peter Sunde
Amanda Palmer and Peter Sunde

The reasons why we are trying to push this model are many. One of the strongest ones is that it’s aligned with the way in which we consume media on the internet. We watch, listen and read a lot of content. Most of the time to find out we didn’t like it. In some cases we fall in love. That’s when we’re willing to pay. And that’s when creators needs enable supports to pay.

This behaviour will likely never change. We are explorers, on a constant mission to find stuff that add value to our lives.

We are building a tool for creators to get paid, but it will always be up to creators to ask for money and for supporters to acknowledge the value they get and make sure they pay the creators they appreciate.

Our big idol Amanda Palmer phrases it very well in her TED talk last week:

“Perfect tools ain’t gonna help us, if we can’t face each other and give and receive fearlessly. But more important, to ask without shame.

If you’re a creator please communicate what you are doing and sign up to Flattr to ask fans for support. If you want to support musicians we strongly recommend to Flattr them on Grooveshark, where thousands of artist profiles are flattrable.

You can support Amanda on Flattr here »»

4 thoughts on ““How do we let people pay for music”

  1. When talking about music what should be of interest is an integration with streamingservices as Spotify/Deezer/Xboxmusic/Googlemusic. For instance, when someone is subscribed to such a service for €10,- a month, why shouldn’t he or she be able to spent 50% of the subscription money ‘freely’ on whatever is of his/her interest on that service? Make a budget allocation, in case the subscriber is not interested in how to split the money. But, if the subscriber is interested in supporting the artist make it possible to hit that Flattr button! Job well done with Grooveshark, now spread it!!!

  2. Daan: Yes! This is something that we are working on. I think it would be even better to see Flattr as an add on, ie extra money that is taken from users Flattr budget.

  3. It’s definitely a good piece of news for both music lovers and creators. Can hardly be a better way than Flattring to show support. Thanks

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